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Sometimes it becomes necessary to find out if a certain email address actually exists. Our little service just allows you to find out. Enter in the form below the email for verification and click the "Check it" button.

Learn more about email verification

Email verification is the process of confirming that an email address is valid, active, and belongs to the person or organization that it claims to belong to. Email verification services can help organizations improve the quality of their email lists by identifying and removing invalid, inactive, or fictitious email addresses, which can help to improve email deliverability and reduce the risk of being flagged as a spammer.

There are different types of email verification methods, here are some examples:

  1. Syntax validation: This checks the email address to ensure that it has a valid format and domain name.
  2. DNS validation: This looks up the domain name associated with the email address to confirm that it is a valid domain and that it has the proper MX records.
  3. Mailbox validation: This attempts to establish a connection to the email server associated with the address to see if a mailbox exists for the address in question.
  4. SMTP validation: This performs a SMTP transaction to check if the email address exist and can receive email.
  5. Email pattern check: This is to check if the email address follows the typical patterns of genuine email addresses.
  6. Catch-all test: This test checks if the email address is a catch-all address. Catch-all addresses are email addresses that will accept email sent to any non-existent address at a particular domain.

It's worth noting that while email verification can be an effective way to improve the quality of an email list, it is not foolproof. Some invalid email addresses may pass verification, while some valid email addresses may be flagged as invalid. For example, some email servers may be configured to hide the existence of certain email addresses, so even if a mailbox validation test is successful, the email address may not be in use.

Sent an email but never got a response? Check if such address and mailbox exists. Find out the relevance of contact information.

The measurement accuracy depends on the settings of the mail server. The most correct results are obtained when checking the mail of the most popular mail services: Google, Yahoo and others.

In short, we send a "hello" email address to the mail server entered and receive a response. Or we do not receive, then the email address is marked as "non-existent".

But that doesn't mean it doesn't really exist. It is possible that the mail server is specifically configured not to send responses to such "greetings".

You can also try sending an email to this address. If within a day you do not receive a message with an error, then most likely the address exists. Information about the error may also be in the logs of your mail server if you have your own server for sending letters.

Please note that the service is not suitable for checking a large number of email addresses.